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News and Updates

Finally It is Official!! Drag Central IS BACK! After a week working on the website and the online community, we managed to finish everything and to make it super easy for those good old racers who want to remember the good old days can register again and relive the nostalgia! We also got a high tech production server to serve as our backbone and fuel to run this engine, Racing to the Extreme!

Finally after 6 years of inactivity Drag Central is back online for those who feel a little nostalgic and want to relive the good old days. Unfortunately the activation feature of the game is broken, so anyone who want to register will have to send an e-mail to [email protected] so that an admin can manually activate your account. Also the forums are still offline, we will be working on it to get it back online by next week. Also for a limited time offer the first 100 users will get 5,000,000 DC virtual money to start building their drag racing car, also they will get free membership for life to celebrate the re-launch of the good old game Drag Central, and relive the nostalgia.

Finally after 3 months of having Drag Central's main server down due to hard drive's failure and server failure itself, we manage to repair the server and replace the damaged hard drives and get the server back online; also has a result of the server failing and being shut down for a long time, the forum database was severely damage, but we manage to repair that has well, so has of today Drag Central is 100% up and running with our server fully repair and working better than ever!!

Finally after a long long time trying to gain back our original Domain name, we finally repurchased back our domain name, yes, Drag-Central.Com is BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!

A couple of month ago DC had some issues with the server and it was constantly freezing and lagging a lot and then it was shut down for maintenance but finally after a couple of months we are back online up and running with a whole of new ideas for the remaining of the year 2010!!

To welcome 2010 we will be giving out DC$5,000,000 to every member on the 31st starting from 8:00 PM till 11:59 PM on 12/31/2009 (Eastern Time Zone "US & Canada"). So be there and get the chance to win DC$5,000,000!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Now you have a even wider variety of parts that you can choose from and make your car fly to the moon! Also with a variety of engines that you can choose from. All depends on your budget, so you can set up your car in more than just one way possible!!

Finally after 2 years of inactivity DC is back on track and better than ever. A complete database reset was issue and all the accounts got deleted so that the game have a fresh start, but don't worry! you can re-create your account again and have a fresh start. And now you don't need to buy membership with real money, you can buy it now with DC Virtual money! And for a special offer the fist 100 members that register will get a free lifetime membership and DC$100,000 for a fresh start along with all the benefits that you can get with a Drag Central Premium Membership!!