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Get ready to experience something you've never experienced before! Our free online racing simulator will have you plastered to your seat with pure excitement. With stunning 3D graphics and widescreen racing experience, drag central will have your heart pumping like the cylinders in your own custom vehicle. Are you ready for the challenge? Download Drag Central Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drag Central a free game?
Yes, Drag Central is a free game. Although the game is free, items such as memberships and premium cars are not. You may purchase memberships or premium cars on the official Drag Central website.

Downloading and registering
In order to play the game you must first download the .exe file and register an account. First you must vist
http://drag-central.com and download the game. Once you have downloaded the game, extract the .zip file to your documents or desktop. In the .zip file you will find the .exe file which is the game. After you have located the .exe file you must double click or right click and open to start the game engine. Once you have started it and reached the login screen, click the register button which can be located in the bottom right hand corner of the login screen. After doing so, you may then input all of your information such as racername, your full first and last name, etc..
Once you have submitted your information, you will then be prompted to select a beginner vehicle. Once you have done so, you will then be sent a verification code to the email you provided in your account registration. It usually takes 5-10 mins for the system to send the email with your verification code. Once you recieve it, you will then be able to enter the code into the verification code screen at the login screen. (if you did not recieve a verification code you may click the "resend" button). If the code is correct you will be able to login with your username and password and begin playing Drag Central.

Are there any cheats?
No, there aren't any cheats to Drag Central. Many people will try to trick you into believeing there are cheats and cheat sites. If someone trys to get your account password ot trys to impersonate staff, please do not give out your password or visit any cheat site they may try to get you to visit. These sites could be keylogged. Also if you give your account password out you most likely will have you account taken over by the person you gave it to. Which means your entire inventory is at risk of being whiped clean. If this does occur, please do not email the Drag Central Administration. If you do so you will be banned for 24 hours.

Account Banned!? What happened!?
If your account becomes banned this means that you have either broken the Drag Central rules for using foul language, flooding chat rooms, or cheating, or that you have become auto-banned for having an autofoul on your vehicles run time. Your account will not be banned for having too much money. If your account gets banned please do not email the Drag Central Administration. If you do so you will be banned for 24 hours.

Under Maintenance? What does that mean?
If you recieve a message stating the game is under maintenance upon logging into the game the reason for this that the game is under maintenance. Please wait 6-24 hours for this message to disappear if it has occurred for more than 5 times within an hours time.

How do I get a Membership?
You may purchase a membership by clicking on the membership page on the official Drag Central website. Do not buy memberhsips from other websties that my be trying to impersonate the official site. Once you purchase your membership please wait 10-15 mins to allow the system to update your account.